MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC – The World’s Smallest Android PC. Recently, a Chinese company has launched M802K Android 4.0 mini PC, slightly larger than U disk. The M802K Android 4.0 mini PC is the world’s smallest Android PC. Its price for only $74.See Aeriphone Review of MK802 Mini Android PC here

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The Chinese always seem to be in the news these days. Whether it’s dishing out dodgy internet scams, fumbling around the issue of Human Rights, or proving its all-consuming love of the Android platform, barely a day goes by without this quiet, unassuming little nation hitting the headlines. And today is no different… Full MK802 article here

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Don't know exactly how you would use one of these computers, how they work, or what exactly you would use it for. All I know is that there's an Android on it, it supports Android, and that it's somehow very freakin cool. That's enough of an excuse for me.Android Pit Review of MK802 Mini Andriod PC


The MK802 is an inexpensive device with an Allwinner A10 processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. It looks like a USB flash drive, but it’s basically got all the workings of a tiny computer designed to run Google Android — including a USB port which you can use for a keyboard or mouse and an HDMI port for a TV. See Liliputing full review of MK802 here


New $74 Android mini computer is slightly larger than a thumb drive This little Linux box packs a 1.5GHz ARM CPU and 512MB of RAM. See Arstechnica review of MK802 here

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Want a cheap computer that runs Android on an ARM processor and isn’t a Raspberry Pi? Now you can have it. I’m talking about a new system, called AllWinner, that is now shipping out of China. See full Makeuseof review of MK802 here

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MK802 Android 4.0 PC-on-a-Stick brings fun to your living room for only $74. If you are looking to purchase an HTPC and are not looking to spend a fortune a fortune, how does $74 sound? Some Chinese retailers are now offering a device called the MK802 which is basically mini-PC that runs on Android 4.0 and that can be plugged in to your TV to watch movies, browse the web and play games; not only that but you can run Linux on it if you choose to. See Droid Matters review of MK802

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MK802 – A Mini Android PC, rival to Cotton Candy. MK802, is a mini Android powered PC with  ARM processors, with a Mali 400 GPU that enables it to output 1080p video through HDMI. The MK802 is slightly larger than the a typical thumbdrive and can purchased for for just $74.

See Reviews 88 dB article about MK802 Mini Android PC here


$74 MK802 PC-on-a-stick beats Cotton Candy to market, has ICS on board Unless you're lucky enough to live in Scandinavia, you'll have to wait till the end of summer to get your Cotton Candy fix. Aching to nab yourself a computer-on-a-stick before then? If you're willing to step down in specs, the MK802 could be the PC in your pocket.See Engadget review of MK802 Mini Android PC

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$74 MK802 Mini PC Supports Android 4.0 and Linux Here comes a tiny PC, the MK802 – a USB-sized device, which runs both Android 4.0 and Linux, and has been priced at $74.


Review by Techepisode of MK802 Mini Android PC


MK802 Android mini PC beats Cotton Candy to the punch A pair of inexpensive micro-PCs have generated quite a bit of buzz this year. The dirt-cheap Raspberry Pi started shipping in mid-April, but the FXI Cotton Candy has yet to make it out the door. The $200 Android PC-on-a-stick will also have some competition once it finally arrives: a very similar $74 AllWinner A10-based system has already popped up on online shopping sites. See the Geek review of the MK802 Mini Android PC here


MK802 is the new mini Android PC in the market. Its price tag is just 74 US Dollars. This product is from a Chinese manufacture. We need to connect it with a display (Monitor or HDTV which had HDMI port) to get a fully operational PC. The connector used is HDMI. MK802 Mini Android PC has a single core 1.5 GHz A10 processor.



Full Review article of MK802 by Techfond here

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MK802 Mini Android 4.0 PC Arrives For $74 We have featured a number of mini computers here on Geeky Gadgets, including the Raspberry Pi which is just $35 and the FXI Cotton Candy priced at a lofty $200.Now a new contender has arrived in the form of the $74 MK802 Android mini PC. Which is equipped with a single-core 1.5GHz AllWinner A10 processor, supported by 512MB of memory. See Geeky Gadgets review of NK802 mini Android PC here

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Computers these days are becoming smaller and cheaper. A Chinese manufacturer recently introduced a fully capable computer in a package no larger than a large thumb drive for a price of less than $75. Such units can be ideal for DIY, traveling and even for streaming media to your HDTV. See Review by The Furure of Things - MK802 Mini Android PC here

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MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC: At Just $74, Itty-Bitty Computer Undercuts Its Pint-Sized Rivals. In the tech world, smaller is better. Whether it's an iPad Mini or nano-technology used to create faster hard drives, the demand is for smaller gadgets and computers with increased processing power. See full Huffington Post Review of MK802 here

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Android Thumbstick MK802 – Cheap Candy Android on a stick anyone? The FXI Cotton Candy garnered a lot of attention and  is slowly starting to filter its way into the wild, but the Chinese market has just released a similar Android based thumb stick. See The Gadgeteer Review of the MK802 Mini Android PC here

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Here comes a tiny PC, the MK802 - a USB-sized device, which runs both Android 4.0 and Linux, and has been priced at $74.

See IBN live review of MK802 Mini Android PC here

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MK802: the $74 Android PC-on-a-stick that gives the $200 Cotton Candy some competition Until now, FXI's Cotton Candy has been the only real choice if you wanted a USB stick-sized Android computer, and despite being shown off several times over the last six months it's still not on sale. See The Verge Review of MK802 Mini Android PC here

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International Times Review of MK802 Mini Android PC

New Android Mini Computer at $74; A Competition to Raspberry PI and Aakash Tablet? See full International Business Review here